The Gathering for EcoCulture

    "This project presents a connection that is often hard to find; it is a link between environmental and ecological values that were respected in the history of the Native American and the prevailing need for the rebirth and dissemination of these values to all young Americans. I would be intensely thrilled at the chance to discover these culturally embedded values!"

      - Kimberly Hunnicutt, Jonata School, Buelto, California.


    "Children need a vision of the future that includes hope. Learning about Native American traditions and values will help make this vision a reality."

      - Pam Lee, Padon School, Vacaville, California.


    "This (the Gathering) will give my students a more balanced, multicultural viewpoint which I hope will give them help them grow into more open environmentally responsible adults(and) because I will be in servicing the staff about what I learn, the reach of your project is multiplied."

      - Bonnie Pond, Crowell School, Turlock, California.


    "The Gathering for Ecoculture is the most exciting educational concept I can imagine at this point in my teaching experience. I expect 'the ripples' created at this exchange of knowledge will spread throughout the California educational system and beyond."

    - John Fairweather, Ocean Pines School, Cambria, California

    "Lassen High School has submitted a team application, which we hope will be treated as such. The composition of the Lassen High School team, (includes) a representative from the English Department, the Science Department, the Social Science Department, the Board of Trustees and the Administration, which demonstrates that we are ready to make (The Gathering For EcoCulture ) a focal point in the district's effort to reconstruct instruction. As director of curriculum at Lassen High School and a potential team member, I am in a unique position to help teachers collaborate on that important aspect of this experience."

      - Nancy Ash, Director of Curriculum, Lassen High School, Susanville, California.


    "As an Indian teacherI have been involved with Indian education for many years, and realize the importance of making cultural connections to advance curriculum whenever possible. I have found a higher level of student understanding and interest when I have invited elders to share appropriate knowledge, or when I have used a cultural base as an intimate part of my program. As a Wildlife Biologist, and through the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, I have developed lessons incorporating Native Science. Awareness is raised with our students that Native peoples were the first true scientists and that their knowledge has a place in science today. I am encouraged and pleased to see (your organization) focusing on the integration of native cultures into academic curriculum."

      - Donna Scott, Hoopa Elementary School, Hoopa, California.


    "I would relish the opportunity to participate in this Gathering for EcoCulture as it represents the essence of my vision as a teacher. I feel as a Native American that this event would enhance my own awareness, give me greater understanding on how best teach traditional values, and provide a network of people who are committed to healing the planet."

      - Thomas Mayes, Charles Brown Elementary, Diamond Springs, California.


    "I believe working with the youth and families, with American Indian Traditional values, tied in with the non-Indian values, a balance can be reached encouraging the growth of individual and community awareness. I consider the opportunity to participate in the Gathering a wonderful way of expanding my experience and abilities. Ultimately increasing my proficiency in my chosen career and allowing me to share this information with the community at large."

      - Peggy Ickes, Chapa-De Indian Education, El Dorado, California.


    "As a Title V Indian Education Coordinator, I teach (these) Indian ideas and values to students every day. I help teachers understand that we, as humans, are not the chain, but merely a single link. I would bring a spirit of cooperation, dedication and reverence for the earth to this Gathering. I would share the skills learned and materials developed with all teachers in El Dorado and Amador Counties. I would appreciate the opportunity to learn the skill necessary to pass on the idea that the ecology and the people are inseparable."

      - James Philip Marquez, El Dorado County Superintendent of Schools Office, Title V


    "After teaching for 25 years, my experience has been, not only in teaching children, but in developing curriculum and training teachers. Your educational (the Gathering) program triggered thoughts of unlimited possibilities. My goals in attending your project will be to integrate this experience with an on-going research project on Native American Indians, developing curriculum and writing a book."

      - Linda Mikelich, Tahoe Truckee Unified District, Truckee, California.

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