EcoCulture began when a small group of Native American teachers, scholars and business leaders met to create The Gathering. It seats some of the leading experts in education, brain development, communications, ecology, and Native American and other cultures.

Advisor and Elder Paula Underwood (Iroquois) "created Learning Stories . Each new telling of an ancient story asks ‘What...may we learn from this?’ "Each learner is encouraged to find ways of braiding three ways of understanding :

through Mind, through Body and through Spirit - together into an even more complete Understanding."

And "how it is in the nature of many cultures to enable learning by telling stories. They are designed to engender questions, not to answer them - to raise issues, not to resolve them. They are an invitation to contemplation."

Lani Pinola (Kashaya Pomo), another EcoCulture Elder and master storyteller, says that
"storytelling is good medicine...not only does it offer people a compassionate sense of direction about their relationship to life, it also connects them to the past." "Stories are a key to our sense of who we are as human beings.".... Author Lauren Texeira, founder of the storytelling association.

The Gathering for EcoCulture is designed to help and encourage teachers to:

*Inform and educate students about Native American wisdom and culture,
ancient and contemporary.
*Develop and sustain EcoCulture curriculum throughout the school year(s).
*Create annual exchange programs with local tribes.
*Establish EcoCulture conferences and exchange data through ECONET.

Our staff includes :
founder and coordinator
Carla Tavares Berman
program planner
Dr. Woodrow Morrison,
a lawyer and Haida Indian Elder;
cultural ecologist
Dr. Melissa Nelson
President of The Cultural Conservancy and California Tribes Consultant;
producer Karol Avalon
consultant Trudi Kelsey
web designer Celeste Levy

EcoCulture offers a unique multi-cultural program that actively incorporates the hands-on teaching in which students assume responsibility, do real work, and take risks.

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