"our dream is for the first Gathering to begin seeding the future. We have missed the Native American concept of responsibility for the environment, mutual respect between male and female, old and young, and the value of New Eyes wisdom. We need to learn these."

Teachers will also learn from Advisor and California Tribes’ Consultant Melissa Nelson, President of the Cultural Conservancy and Program Planner Woody Morrison how to approach local tribes and Native organizations to solicit their involvement. Additionally, they will have a hot-line available to them for help with curriculum development once they are back in school.

August 2-5, 2001

Our vision for the new century is to create this sustainable partnership with our public schools; to integrate EcoCulture as a long-term and replicable model for a national ecological and multi-cultural program.Advisor and Elder Paula Underwood says it best

These leaders will encourage and guide teachers to begin the process of viewing their environment from a different perspective using:

* tribal stories
* folklore and mythology
* songs and dances

Core curriculum subjects being covered are:

* science and social studies
* drama and film
* fine arts and journal writing

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