The selection of facilitators/instructors is critical to the success of The Gathering. Some facilitators will not be Native American Elders.

The teaching methods used by the tribal elders are based on learning from experience, teaching and learning "by doing." Most of the workshop leaders themselves learned in small groups, with an older person who engaged them in an activity that was fun, relevant, social and challenging. This method closely mirrors project-based learning, the "new" pedagogy technique that integrates the latest discoveries in brain research and educational reform into an effective teaching method.

Speakers To Date

What Some Teachers are saying about this program

Traditional Values and Identity:
Each will speak of his/her oneness with nature, holistic world view, and cultural, linguistic and geographical diversities. These individuals take pride in their heritage, remain living with the natural world, and are able to describe their involvement in their own respective tribal languages.

The experientially based program is arranged to allow for maximum interaction between Native American Elders, workshop leaders and teachers. Each workshop will be limited in size to assure total involvement in the process. A daily mixture of stories, activities and reflection has been carefully selected to allow for the teachers’ involvement in the Native American ways of education.

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