This program provides an innovative means of exploring how to best live in harmony with the earth by our attitudes and practices. The central message can be found in the words of two applicants for participation in The Gathering :

to be a part of a larger network of educators who can make a large impact on our society who cares so little and wastes so much" and "to find the link between environmental and ecological values that were respected in the history of the Native American and the prevailing need for the rebirth and dissemination of these values to all young Americans."

Often, environmental education for youth is to find the "50 easy things" children can do to save the Earth. The Gathering ’s approach is to find ways to change how we live and relate to each other and our world, to integrate changes into our lives and the life of our communities. We want to integrate the Native American strengths with the best new technology

August 2-5, 2001

The Gathering for EcoCulture is designed to help and encourage teachers to:

Inform and educate children and youth about Native wisdom and culture, with special focus on respect for the planet and the local environment.

Develop and sustain the hands-on EcoCulture curriculum through the school year(s).

An Experiential Training for Teachers Focused on the Ecological and Moral Values of Native American Wisdom and Culture

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