"Together we must forge a world view that doesn’t deny the past, but builds on it, forging a synthesis between the old and the new, between Western science and traditional environmental knowledge."

Dennis Martinez, Founder
Native American Peoples’ Restoration Network

We believe that by introducing California teachers to a better understanding of the ancient and contemporary ways of this Country’s first citizens is a dynamic and effective means of gaining the insight into some of the critical environmental, social, and cultural problems facing our nation today.

In designing this unique ecological and multi-cultural program combining Native American culture and wisdom and the old/new pedagogy, we have spoken with many experts in both fields, all of the Advisory Board members and, in particular:

David Risling, Professor Emeritus, UCDavis and President Emeritus,
DQ University (the first all Native American University in the U.S.);
Woodrow Morrison, traditional Haida Indian Elder, teacher, lawyer and EcoCulture program planner; Dr. Prasad Kaipa, founder and director of the Mithya Institute for Learning and Knowledge Architecture;
Theodore Roszak, professor of history and general studies at California State University, Hayward; Paula Underwood, President of The Learning Way Center; and
Dr. Melissa Nelson, Cultural Ecologist, President of The Cultural Conservancy, a land conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of traditional culture.

Each of these experts in the fields of conservation, Native American studies and education, in reviewing the goals and methodology of EcoCulture, has found it without peer in its interweaving of so many disciplines and learning styles.

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